The creative team at Griffin Enright Architects envisioned and implemented a modern house project in Los Angeles, California, USA. Despite its relatively modest street appearance, Mandeville Canyon Residence displays striking interior design features and dramatic, panoramic views of the canyon:  “The dichotomy between the understated street presence and the openness of the backyard enhances the narrative experience of finding the vast view in the living spaces upon entry to the house. This threshold is enhanced by the articulation of two vertical walls that fold into roof surfaces to create a backdrop that anchors the horizontal qualities of the terrain”.

Telescoping doors mark the entry towards a spacious living room, which visually communicates with the surrounding landscape. According to the architects, “the porch and living room level is subtly lifted from the groundplane, creating a layer of terracing that extends the topographic shifts of the landscape into the house. The exterior deck and landscape also serve as extensions of the rising topography, with a lap pool along the site edge that serves as another layer of terracing”. Enjoy the virtual tour below and let us in on your thoughts!