Spotted on Flodeau, this gorgeous example of interior design styling is the work of two masterminds, Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour. Embracing wood as main design material, the Lycabettus Penthouse project was possible thanks to   the Athens based esé Studio. Luminous, environment-oriented and artistic, this penthouse is a strange mix of modern and vintage. The wooden elements create a vintage-like atmosphere, which is somehow pleasant and nostalgic. The black-painted rocking chair enhances the feeling of coziness and reminds us of the grandma’s peaceful home. Now, who doesn’t like that? Moreover, wood is the “accesory” that defines the design style.

When it comes to old versus new, the designers tried to figure out the “recipe” of harmony ( that right amount of everything). The chairs, the metallic structure, the mellow neutral tones might give you a certain feeling of sobriety, but then funny prints, the cool metallic tables structure and the glass, enhance the exquisiteness of an impeccable and neat design style. Relaxing and zen, the Lycabettus penthouse is a quiet retreat and a wonderful lesson on interior design. Do you like it?