When the magic of exploring the wonders of this world encounter your personal need to enjoy a peaceful environment, you have to start looking for something really exquisite, both, serene and inspirational. I think this might be exactly what you are looking for. Wilson, Wyoming, USA is one of those fine places, where you can just sit down, relax, meditate or simply wonder at the stars, thinking about what makes you happy in life. A stress-free area is sometimes, all we need to recharge our batteries. The EHA Family Trust Residence, designed by Ward+ Blake Architects captures glimpses of natural beauty. Surrounded by a small lake and entirely made of wood, the chalet-like home is not only environmentally sustainable, but also very modern and high-class.

The residence, defined in 2011 spreads over 3,988 square feet, offering enough space for any kind of activity. The client’s wish was to keep the mature trees and integrate the house in the landscape as much as possible. The water enhances the feeling of relaxing and the wooden deck allows you to spend evenings nearby the fireplace, listening to the nature’s echanting “voice”. The materials used require no particular maintenance. The interior is rich and comfortable, with elements of gorgeous leather and renewable bamboo. Luxurious on the inside, simplistic on the outside, the EHA Family Trust Residence is simply “the place to be” when you feel that the routine overwhelms you, isn’t it?