While exploring the idyllic land of Lithuania, we ended up in Kaunas, where we found this fantastic rusted-like house designed by Studija Archispektras. The project spreads over 395 square meters and is located nearby the river. Surrounded by a maze of pine trees, the house is ideal for disconnecting from the routine. Simple, yet a little bit abstract, the house is adorned with vertical rusted steel panels, enhancing the strong connection between the inhabitable place and the site. Despite the fact that it’s a “rusty” home, it has its own warmth provided by the smooth “natural” colour. Seen from a distance, definitely looks like a house made of wood, blending in with the pine trees.

The “accessory house” implements modern design solutions, while keeping a strong healthy relationship with the environment. Massive and transparent window panels replace some of the walls, giving some nice views over the green and lively spaces. For defining the interior, concrete and wood have been used as main materials. Now, adding some drama: cool film studio-like spotlights create a special ambiance. What’s really nice about this illumination system is that you can play with the light focus. To remind us that it’s all about the natural environment, the designers chose to integrate natural materials into a really minimalistic design plan. Do you like it?