Presenting an unusual round shape, the Loukas Residence envisioned by Vardastudio Architects & Designers in Paphos, Cyprus caught our attention. The architects explain that the client’s wish for a “round house” came as a surprise. But overcoming all challenges, they managed to develop a round shaped concrete building, with a semi detached rectangle entrance. In the middle, there is a semi-circular modern outdoor swimming pool partially mirroring the villa.

According to the official description, “the house has a natural flow, it is spacious and structure is characterized by total simplicity. The plot is in a busy road, so the semicircle acts like a natural road boundary. Internal, everything is rotated around the semicircle pool that acts as a referee point of the whole project, as it can be seen by every spot in the house. By that semicircular volume, under-hangs a wooden one, where the office is. By that way the visual view of the circle is interrupted“. How would you comment on its original architecture?