Embedded in an oval courtyard in a quiet residential quarter in Dong Trieu, Vietnam, the Stone House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects offers a visual treat and- we hope- plenty of inspiration. The torus-shaped building is covered by a green roof, seamlessly integrated in the overall circulation flow of the property. The massive walls create an exterior impression of a cave-like home, softened only by the abundance of plants.

According to the architects, “the rooms surround the oval courtyard, making a colony-like relationship with each other. The courtyard and green roof compose a sequential garden, which creates a rich relationship between inside and outside of the house. The family with two young children have been enjoying their living in the house. They sense each other and deepen their communication, rounding and rounding in the house”. What do you consider are the pros and cons of living in this home? [Photography by Hiroyuki Oki]