The collaboration between Hofman Dujardin Architects and Fokkema&Partners led to the development of the Eneco headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. According to the architects, Eneco’s new building is the perfect example of how clever and efficient office design can offer employees the possibility to work flexibly in a dynamic, open, sustainable and healthy environment. The 14-floor, 25,000m2 office has been operational since April, with employees enjoying one of the best workspaces in Europe.

The heart of the building is a central atrium surrounded by a light-filled meeting centre with a reception space, meeting rooms, working areas, informal meeting areas, lounges, a restaurant, a service desk and an auditorium. Sun collectors on the south facade and on the roof track the sun throughout the day, absorbing the maximum amount of solar energy.The working and meeting areas are designed to be energetic islands floating on an otherwise calm, light-white terrazzo floor. Some islands are open spaces and others enclosed for privacy but they are all executed with vibrant colors and materials.

The floors are designed so there is a balance between the open and the closed, the private and the public and the quiet and the dynamic. Each employee can select an atmosphere that suits his or her work activity. And, on top of everything else, there’s more oxygen to breathe to keep employees healthy and alert, courtesy of the fact that the green plant walls on the outside actually make their way inside at the third floor, bringing the natural world into the built world. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Hofman Dujardin Architects]