Designer Stoica Mario (of Romanian based Ezzo Design) sent us renderings of a house he envisioned in the city of Ploiesti, Romania. We love the creative details the photos below showcase and are looking forward to reading your opinions as well. Here is the press release we were sent by the designers: “When you meet a young, active family with beautiful passions and who excludes the idea of “uniformity” and embrace the idea of simple with vintage accents, you breath easily and get yourself the ingredients and audacity for creating a background, not only a house. Starting from a mix of vintage and contemporary art, we created not only an interior based on personalities but also furniture pieces and lighters that get along great, in a fresh scenario.

The basic ingredient is wood, along with rough textures, forms and surprising lights that work together to generate a different kind of space, with elements that receive a new functionality (hence the connected copper pipes that are transformed in a book shelf and the handrail staircase that leads upstairs). Have a glance to the central part of the living area and you will discover a lusty, solid dinning table that readjusts a scenario right under the main lamp made from objects that have again received a new functionality, in this case: glass jars. In the living room you can also find a cabinet that wears proudly the Great Britain’s flag.

The challenge was given by the mixing of room interiors with natural environment: thus we used mainly wood, different textures and warm colors. Hence you can see the bedroom that casts the same  intimate background. When it comes to the children’s  room the impact is given by materials and colors, tightly related to children’s personalities that create a vibrant air. The kitchen has of course adjusted to the general interior design of the house, it integrates perfectly the atmosphere and it has a bit of a vintage touch and rough materials. The wooden house reflects mainly selfhood not only through the wooden surfaces, but also with the help of large windows that magnify natural light and custom pieces that shape the entire space”. Find this place as vibrant and original as we do?