It was difficult for us at first to figure out that this place is not a highly modern condo, but an original looking restaurant. Designed by the creative team at Noses Architects, the KOOK restaurant and pizzeria is located on via Cassia 2040, Rome- again, who would of thought? Glass, iron and concrete were the main materials employed to build the space, which lets out a contemporary feel, a bit unusual for a city with majestic old buildings like Rome.

An abundant use of wood and brings warmth and originality to this almost industrial-like place. The most striking design detail of the entire project is probably the central glass-encased tree, difficult to miss by anyone entering the premises. We like the fact that each corner has its own vibe, given by creative and inspiring decorating ideas. In a space characterized by a neutral color palette, the red sofas come to liven it up and sprinkle that touch of unexpected which we like so much.