We stumbled across an interesting art project that caught our attention due to the major effort invested in its development. Studio Hjortefar created these striking fabric padded portraits for Kvadrat’s “Hallingdal 65” exhibition, using no less than 6,728 colored cloth squares. The two portraits were entitled Bum and Nana. In total each piece contains 7200 pixels, measures six meters in height and has a width of three meters.

Each portrait is created using 60?×?60 pixels, each pixel being a 5?×?5?cm small padded foam piece on a base of MDF. The pieces have all been padded by inmates of Denmark’s Vridsløselille State Prison. If this project made you curious, we invite you to have a look at the movie below to see how the portraits were achieved. To us, the process looks fun and cheerful, just like the facial expressions of the two depicted characters.