MJ House is a project completed by Kombinat, a design studio in Slovenia. The house is located around Novo Mesto, surrounded by lush greenery. A private retreat, near the woods is exactly what most of us need. Let’s admit it, there’s nothing more pleasant than recharging your batteries, after a hectic schedule at work in the intimacy of your home!  The feeling of freedom is enhanced by the amazing emerald-like woods, that complete the serene site. The architects used wood as main material in defining the house, to blend with the landscape.

The client requested a spacious-bright home, with wide windows and a good light penetration, due to the fact that here, the mid-mornings sunshines are simply spectacular. The interior is very fluid and there are no corridors. The living area is devided in two halves: the living room and the bedrooms. The house made of wood inspires a deep coziness. An interesting sliding white puzzle furniture, which basically offers a playful approach towards the place, adorns the living area. The modular house is wrapped in vertical strips of larch. Quite unusual, the garage is almost dug in the ground. Made  entirely of concrete, it opens towards the driveway. The house adapts to the natural landscape. How do you feel about this modular house?