Modern art usually draws attention through its original concepts, works and installations. For today, we would like to showcase a project entitled “Discovering Columbus” and developed by Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, known for his intention to transform the bystander’s interaction with common monuments or architectural details. But as you can see, this particular statue is far from being common. Created by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo in 1892, the marble monument rises to more than 75 feet atop a granite column.

Tatzu Nishi’s project was achieved in collaboration with the Public Art Fund and consists of a true-to-scale living room built around the statue. according to official sources, the monument is located in the center of Columbus Circle at the intersection of Eighth Avenue, Broadway, Central Park South (West 59 Street), and Central Park West. It is the point from which all official distances from New York City are measured. The wallpaper coating the interior depicts famous American figures.