You are about to enter a place dedicated entirely to wood. An enchanting apartment adorned with wooden details, making everything look cozy, managed to make an impression on us! With its simplicity and dedication towards smooth details, this cushy spot, designed by the Italian, Gianluca Fanetti, in Campodolcino ( a small municipality in the region of Lombardy, near Switzerland) is beautiful, elegant and most of all, romantic. A fireplace welcomes you in the living room. The landscape is absolutely amazing, especially in winter time.

This is one of those apartments that make you think of ski holidays. If you’re looking for a moment of relaxation, you ca definitely have it in this fresh and healthy environment. Due to the abundance of wooden details, the place exhales unity: floors, ceilings, even the furniture – everything is made of wood. At a first glance, one could be tempted to say “too much is too much”, but at a closer look you will see that there’s nothing wrong with “wood excess”. The designer came up with an interesting solution for the bedrooms. You get either the view or… the hight. The attic accommodates compact beds and make the place look more spacious than it actually is. How do you feel about this “wood love” ambience?