Agraz Arquitectos envisioned and developed Casa Natalia, a 565 square-meter property in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. The project showcases quite a few original design features,starting with its original layout. A stairway hints the way towards a ground floor area. According to the architects, this particular element also “leads to the main door, which by being separated from the car entrance, leaves a front plaza for the house that dilutes all frontiers between urban and architectonic spaces“.

Once inside, the living and dinning rooms offer an extension with an intimate family room and a terrace that can be the perfect social place due to its transforming possibilities: it can be fused or isolated from the rest of the precincts according to the needs and has an independent entrance“. While the facade facing the street is partially shut, the opposite side of the residence displays large windows, opening up the home towards a lovely garden.