With so many creative sofa designs these days, we love to see projects that stand out. Anthropologie envisioned a modern sofa which occupies a special place among the contemporary upholstered furniture out there. Featuring digitally manipulated photos of faraway places on a neutral background, this couch is the kind of piece you imagine building your entire room around. Perfect for modern rooms with a personality, but also adaptable to classic interiors, the seating unit is fresh, adaptable and original.

But if you take a step back and ignore its perfect design and aesthetic value, you may be shocked to find that the sofa does not rank high in practicability. It is not expandable, nor can it be moved easily from place to place. Still, we like it so much, we would rather ignore that, as well as its steamy price tag (of $3,298 !) and simply ask if you enjoy its overall appearance as much as we do.