Reminding us of the bohemian artists with their simple-with-a-drain-of-chaos lofts, this three bedroom apartment in Stockholm showcases the powerful and inspirational Scandinavian design. Following the streams of simplicity, with wooden beams and brick walls, the designers focused on bringing life to a typical sterile living space. The continuous flow of the excessive white is “interrupted” with “shots” of colours, such as pink, blue and orange. The colours create a strong visual impact. In order to keep a neat, sensible line, the designers chose to focus on pale colour tones. At a glance, the space gives you the feeling that you have entered an area of great artistic accomplishment.

Adorned with subtle shabby chic décor elements, the apartment is a space that reunites the modern and the vintage, creating a pleasant contrast. Cozy and comfortable, the loft shelters a spacious opened space kitchen, an elegant living room area and three bedrooms, focusing on three different colours. The terrace, seen as a recreational spot, offers a view over the typical (colourful) scandinavian neighbourhood. Industrial metallic structures complete the sight. The loft looks like an art gallery, adorned with paintings and sculptures. Beautiful and welcoming, the loft in Stockholm is an ideal spot for inspiration.