Architects Lab Modus envisioned and developed the Hongzhu Housing Sales Center in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, an unusual looking building, inspired by a famous Chinese symbol: the dragon. According to the architects, the plan consists of “ two-story lifted glass box and a sequence of double layered perforated metal panels. Resonating with the form of ancient Chinese lucky animal, the form of the project takes inspiration from the dragon, a symbol of success and luck“.

The 1200 square meter project also stands out due to an interesting architectural element: “The gradually transformed perforated metal panels provide an eco-friendly solution to prevent direct sunlight exposure into the interior space to reduce the usage of air condition and artificial lighting devices“. Once inside the massive building, things get… more down-to Earth, with common modern furniture arrangements and overall elegant decors, without any visually striking features, reminding of the extravagant exterior.