There’s something about the Scandinavian design that makes us say: “we love it”. It’s luminous, bright and pure, without even trying too hard. As you wander on the streets of Stockholm, looking for a home, you might feel like stopping in Östermalm. The very first thing that strikes you is the beautiful view. When you consider buying an attic penthouse, the surroundings are the ones that matter. If it’s a beautiful neighbourhood, your mornings will turn into great experiences. The Östermalm attic penthouse is located on the sixth floor of an 1882 building.  As a consequence, you’ve got an entire story that spreads over more than one hundred years, packed with it. In case this looks like your dream home, you’d better know that it costs $2.17 million and Sotheby’s International Realty is responsible with the selling.

Accommodating two bedrooms, two bathrooms plus the living room area, the apartment is ideal for someone who is looking for a luminous, bohemian-like home. The walls between rooms disappear, unveiling an all- in-one kitchen, dining area and living room. They all blend into a common living space, keeping it elegant and tidy. Focusing on details, the ornamental stairs store small souvenirs and objects of décor. This particular apartment gives you the feeling of soaking into a sea of white, invoking serenity and openness. The irregular shapes, that compose the ceiling confer a coziness specifically showcased in our childhood houses. Shabby chic details together with simple lines complete the apartment’s décor.