We received photos and information about SKS Residence, a project developed in Tel Aviv, Israel, by arstudio – Arnon Nir architecture. The client, an artist, had  a great interest in textiles and textures. Thus, the design scheme was kept simple – the house is largest possible cube to fit into confines of the irregular trapezoid lot – texture is instead the focus. The stone cladding, a product of a local quarry, is striated to resemble corduroy. An interior wall clad in the same stone faces the main entrance corridor and is bounded by the main staircase.

In response to the powerful stone, an ephemeral stair banister made of metal cords runs 12 meters from the first floor ceiling to the basement. Another texturing device is wood, used as the material for the shading canopy, the outdoor decks and the front door of the house. Acting as reference to the horizontal striated pattern of the stone, the wooden elements create intricate grids of teak and shadows. The line between interior and exterior is blurred through the materials which transition between the spaces and large window spans overlooking a pine grove and swimming pool. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by arstudio – Arnon Nir architecture]