Greg Natale Design completed the Ciolino House, a modern Australian residence in the shape of a large white rectangular box, almost completely opening up towards an inner courtyard with swimming pool. The “perfect” geometry of the exterior is brought indoors, where the layout and the furniture arrangements inspire obsessive neatness. The open plan living and dining area is not just invaded by natural light, but also by fresh air, as sliding glass doors can be easily maneuvered in order to connect with the outdoors.

The sober black and white color palette characterizing the living room is replaced by much more cheerful tones, as one moves towards the neighboring interiors. Green decorative elements ensure a fresh atmosphere in the hallway and master bedroom, where the eclectic style is a bit more obvious. Ornamental chandeliers add a touch of sophistication to the hallway and bedroom, but don’t quite go with the massive spot lighting in the living room. How do you appreciate the mix of decorating items in this residence?