The Westcliff Pavilion was designed by GASS Architecture Studios and is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.The original looking two-bedroom dwelling is privileged located in a secluded forest, close to a relatively steep ridge, with fantastic views over Johannesburg. The unusual cottage is supported by steel frames: “Simply put, we wanted a structure that would touch the Ridge as lightly as possible combined with an elegant, timeless aesthetic that would allow us to use the steel elements not only as primary structural elements, but also as the primary architectural motif.”, explain the architects.

The idea of integrating stone in the overall design of the residence derived from the characteristics of the site and those of the neighboring residences: “Many of the houses on the Westcliff Ridge and vicinity are famous for their use of native stone work in their facades, including works by architectural greats like Sir Herbert Baker.  We wanted to continue in this tradition of using indigenous stone in our design and as such, we wanted included a wall made from stone harvested on the site itself”. The two bedrooms, open plan living room and bathroom- all open up to the natural scenery with the help of floor-to-ceiling windows- have a look!