Remember those long (but quite interesting) Math lessons on the Fibonacci Sequence (where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers)? It turns out that there are more practical implementations on the matter than we initially learned. China’s Guangzhou based architecture and design studio Utopia came up with a playfully functional furniture item entitled Fibonacci Cabinet, inspired  from the Math principles of the Italian mathematician.

The Fibonacci cabinet also draws influences from traditional Chinese medicine storage units. The result is an elegant and functional furniture piece, with seven storage units, each with a size “dictated” by the Fibonacci sequence: a big cabinet on the top (550mm x 550mm), five drawers (340mm, 210mm,130mm,80mm,50mm in length and width respectively) and a table base on the bottom, which can be used separately. The user can connect the wooden storage boxes as he pleases, making this a fun and versatile project.