The uprising Asian design showcases its greatness through a clear exposure of subtle, refined details, creating a living space dedicated to those who try to find a tranquil environment in the core of the large crowded cities. Due to this premise, we present to you the work of Fertility Design for a contemporary apartment in Taiwan. The design studio came up with an interesting concept, focusing on neutral furnishing and smooth fabrics. For the living room, the masterminds chose a modern furniture design, very stylish and hip. The fuzzy carpets and the comfy chairs make you sink into softness. The wardrobes are all covered in glass, creating the illusion of depth. A small balcony completes the scenery, letting you inhale the rushed Asian vibe.

The office, seen as an inspirational corner is rich in wooden details. Different types of wood blend in, creating a warm environment, excellent for your creative work. Besides the browns, beiges and grizzled tones, shy shades of green invoke the freshness of the natural environment. The master bedroom, a mix of concrete, wood and glass embraces the natural light. The wardrobe is masked in a hardwood cover and the elements of interior decor are very subtle. This smooth, almost transparent room, reminds me of  the priceless quote “less is more”.  Augmenting the need of space, the designers managed to join harmonically comfortable pieces of furniture with neat and tidy elements of contemporary design.