Surrounded by lakes and mountains, the Capitol Hill is a beautiful residential project completed by the American firm Balance Associates Architects, near Seattle. The house has been presented as a sustainable project, therefore solar panels, innovative rain water catchment systems and other eco-friendly ideas have been implemented, in order to create a perfectly environmentally healthy spot. When it comes to materials, the architects went for a concrete structure, to “stay within the footprint of the previous house” as they said. Capitol Hill has two wings divided by a translucent center section which allows a good penetration of natural light inside. The separation of the two areas is also marked by a translucent staircase. The main concern was to design a high quality home and find the balance between functional and beautiful.

The interior is incredibly gorgeous, exhaling a particular refinement. Buttered tones of white and sparkles of red and orange create a vibrant atmosphere. Stylish but not opulent, Capitol Hill is the very own expression of balance. The architects didn’t try to make an impact upon the viewer but to make him fall in love with this home as he unveils its particularities. The living room is really cozy thanks to the bright and cheerful fireplace. Translucent materials make the house look more spacious and well, that is what everybody wants after all, a big, warm and welcoming home. Now the question: is this a concept that fits your tastes?