Spotted on Fastcodesign, the Bobine is one of the hottest iPhone accessories available on the market of consumer electronics. What makes it so special and why we think it’s hot? Well, let’s start with the beginning. The Bobine is a charging cable, with e built-in USB, all wrapped in a flexible metallic gooseneck. Now the interesting part: you can bend it in whatsoever shape you feel like and it stays like that, offering you different viewing angles. Ever seen a “floating” iPhone? Connect it to the un-cable and see what happens. But this smartphone accessory is not used only for charging, you can easily adjust it into a tripod. All you have to do now is look for that perfect spot and take awesome pictures.

The Bobine, designed by [Fuse] Chicken was an instant success. Due to its cool design that made it so appealing, 10,000 units were sold in less than a month and a half. Switching the annoying maze of cables with a simpler solution brought Jon Fawcett to the spotlights. The designer explains why the Bobine works so well, giving his own experience with the charging dock as an example: “I no longer have cables laying all over my desk. They are all standing up in the air and my desk is clean”. The Bobine is also available for Android devices.