Ryntovt Design unveils its latest residential project, an awkwardly beautiful house, that welcomes the nature inside. Moreover, the entire palette of materials are super eco-friendly. Due to the “natural home look” even the furnishing has been visualised as natural. Basically, the chairs are replaced with chunks of wood, giving a very…forest-like atmosphere. The private house, spreading over 120 square feet,  “grew up” surrounded by a maze of greenery, healthy trees and tender grass, in the region of Kharkov, Ukraine. With a representative name, Home in the Log Cabin,  completed an year ago, is simply stunning. The basic principles behind it are the respect for nature and the eco-design line. The architects tried to reduce waste as much as possible, giving a closer look to recycled materials and integrating them into the harmonic design line. 

The ground floor accommodates a living room, a kitchen and a dinning area. The floors and the furniture are all made of natural wood, which is pretty interesting and intriguing in the same time. The major attraction of the living area is definitely the stay-clove fireplace, which confers warmth and comfort. The bedrooms are located at the first floor. The connection between the floors is made through a beautiful simplistic staircase, which actually represents the core of the project. At a closer look, every object is functional and simple. “There is no decor in the usual meaning of this word, there is only grass between the glass panes of the doors, stools made of stumps, light movement of the tree trunks on the curtains, live texture of the walls, the ceiling and the stove that are breathing together with the surrounding nature” said Ryntovt Design. The details that embellish the home have been particularly chosen to be green, from towels, to sheets and to the only elements of décor, the lively green grass stickers! Amazing house for those who want to feel connected to the nature!