HBA continues their rich tradition of integrating faraway cultures with the height of modern luxury with the design of the Park Hyatt Hyderabad, the first city Park Hyatt hotel in India. During the initial design stages, HBA designers spent time getting acquainted with the environment visiting local museums, viewing historical architecture and studying local culture and fashion. The result translates into Indian colors, patterns and fabrics that can be seen throughout the hotel. Indian motifs are found in the carpets which feature traditional henna patterns but are massively over sized in scale to look contemporary and not traditional. Silk accents and vibrant colors influenced by Indian saris also permeate throughout the hotel’s design. The modern, eight-story Park Hyatt Hyderabad includes 185 guest rooms and 24 suites on the first six floors with 42 service apartments on the two uppermost floors. Spacious, welcoming and modern, each of the hotel’s guest-rooms are among the largest in Hyderabad, measuring at least 463 square feet. Soft, neutral earthy tones and shades of silver and green in the guest room furnishings create a soothing ambiance, while large glass windows add natural daylight within the rooms. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Hirsch Bedner Associates]