“Knocking at the Curtain Door” is an expression that you probably won’t hear too often. The Matharoo Associates, an architectural firm from India completed one of the most interesting doors you will ever see. We have spotted this astonishing project on Design Milk and we decided to share this experience with all of you. The Curtain Door is a contemporary piece of art and as the name says it, unveils a high structure that resembles rather to…a curtain. Beautifully shaped, this fine piece of visually imposing art reminds us of a piano riddle, where the notes start dancing, getting lost high above the skylines. Beyond this surreal approach, there lies the work of valuable “craftsmen” that managed to link 40 sections of thick Burma teak.

The iconic entrance is fixed between two concrete walls, allowing visitors to observe The Curtain Door by taking into account two scenarios: shut and opened. When shut, the doorway keeps a massive look, but once opened it unveils a beautiful curvaceous shape. At a closer look,  the blossoming curtain details point out the complexity of such an artistic object. The meandering shape is the result of carved wood, pulleys, ball bearings, a wire rope and a counterweight, which has been carefully hidden. Each and every section respects a certain symmetry. Seen as a whole, it instantly generates that “wow” effect. The Curtain Door is massive and impressive and definitely worth seeing!