On a total surface of 1,733.08 square meters, the creative team at Unsangdong Architects envisioned and implemented E+Green Home, a sustainable home which employs no less than 95 green technologies. Considered a prototype for the future, the incredible project was achieved by combining important principles of landscape architecture and ecological architecture: “The aim of E + Green Home is to suggest three e+ concepts; 1. Energy+, sustainable Energy Plus integrated with green technologies, 2. Eco+, environmental friendly housing, 3. Emotion +, housing which stimulates customer’s design emotion“. From various high performance insulation systems to solar panels, water reuse and smart ventilation ideas, this home ensures a modern and responsible lifestyle.

Residents’ health is also considered: “Environment-friendly wallpapers and CO2 concentration monitoring are used in the building. 450 sensors are installed to monitor these various technologies, and e+ms (Energy + Management System) is added which can save, combine, and control the information on energy output and input by connecting with each elements such as lighting, outlets, switches, etc“. How would you comment on the overall design of this “house of the future”?