Being used to imposing, concrete buildings often defy their landscape in order to transform its energy, this ‘Hydroelectric power plant Punibach’ came as a pleasant surprise. Envisioned and implemented by Italian practice Monovolume Architecture, the project has a noninvasive visual appearance, keeping a low profile in its beautiful alpine enthronement in he South Tyrol province of Italy. A concrete slab rammed into the ground acts as a separator between the landscape and the various practical machines inside. Made up of natural, earth colored materials, the new structure is of interest not just due to its functionality, but its aesthetics as well. The wooden lamellar facade is an eye-catcher for passers by, making the building easily recognizable during the day and night, when light glows through the numerous small fissures. Curvy lines are elements that contribute to the inconsequential impact of the site, while transforming the building into a modern local landmark.