Ever wondered where the staff of the world’s larger poker site works? PokerStars recently acquired an additional floor to their existing London office building and commissioned the creative team at Area Sq to reinvent the space. Amanda Godwin Jones, design director at Area Sq comments: “The client wanted us to make maximum use of what was already on the floor, whilst creating a more contemporary and sophisticated space that sat better with the PokerStars brand”. Sustainable projects were also undertaken:¬† “using an existing desk, we added cladding with black¬†back painted glass to create something stunning for a recycled unit. Through the process, Area Sq were able to pass on savings to the client”. The inclusion of sound proof studios and editing suites meant even more long term savings for PokerStars, thus eliminating the need for renting the equipment and space somewhere else. The offices in London showcase a highly modern design and exude a professional feel, somewhat contrary to the overall idea of poker games.