Soothing colors and contemporary furniture shape elegant interiors in any part of the world. But little details make residential spaces unique, blending them in with the specific location without losing the luxury of benefiting from international inspiration. Personalizing this 180 square meter Apartment in Vitosha Mountain, set in Boyana – a neighborhood of the Bulgarian capital of Sofia – creative minds of Fimera Design imagined a comfortable set of living spaces. Carefully using high-quality elements to compose an apartment defined by straight lines, the design studio decided to use glossy surfaces to contrast with the pronounced texture of the wooden surfaces, creating a very modern display. The chosen color palette expresses the need for an uncomplicated lifestyle, with nuances of soft blue and turquoise spread across the main living space – the carpet, cushions and one of the chairs break the color monotony. Designers admit that they “have simplified the space and the horizontal lines as much as possible. Every element is mirrored in another place in the interior, and every line is a continuation of other element or a surface.” You should take another look at the previous presentation of one of their works – the Loft in Bansko – it would be fun to compare the styles, colors and textures.