The result of an original collaboration between famous architect Zaha Hadid and perfumer Anne Flipo, this new Donna Karan Woman perfume bottle is stirring up a lot of interest these days. The style and signature of Zaha Hadid marks this new bold project and we are curious to know what the users of this perfume appreciate more- the content or the original looking container, that the architect briefly describes as follows: “the bottle’s dark, translucent qualities offer a sense of mystery that awakens our curiosity.” And if you are interested in how the scent was developed, here is a statement from Anne Flipo: ““Starting with an earthy base of sandalwood and Haitian vetiver, I added contrasting elements to evoke the complexity of the female psyche.  first thought about everything a woman embodies and then picked notes to match these characteristics. Aldehydes and pink pepper top notes add a whirl of liberty, while softer florals like jasmine, rose, and violet are a romantic, ultra-feminine touch.” Interested in trying it out?