Student Anna Štepánková took the idea of a wooden chair further and came up with a very intriguing design. Tamashii chair is not just an original looking piece of furniture, but also a tribute to environmental responsibility. Here is a statement from the designer: “The inspiration for a dining chair Tamashii comes from a Japanese veneer technique called Bunaco. My goal was to discover all possibilities this technique offers and apply gained knowledge in an innovative way. In my work, I put an emphasis on a handmade experimenting with a wooden material. My aim was to design a chair which would be connecting use of a traditional technique in a modern design and I wished to point out a sense of this combination. The Tamashii chair, besides other things, is a part of a concept – Buy a chair, get a tree – which is my manifestation of responsibility towards environment and a life cycle of the product”. No matter what the standpoint, the chair found on Design Milk looks dynamic, yet comfortable. How do you find it?