Bluetooth Bulb is a fabulous prototype LED light bulb using Bluetooth technology to construct an appealing set of features that simplifies your interaction with the lights in your home. Promising to save energy and make your life easier, this amazing project takes the light bulb one step further into the future. The embedded Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows you to control the light intensity and color with a few simple touches. Download the app, pair your smartphone up with one or several light bulbs throughout your home and gain full control over the light, its brightness or color. It even gives you access to an automatic timer and you can pair one bulb with several devices, so any member of the family has access to it from as far as 50 meters (164 feet) away. For now, the Bluetooth Bulb is a patented prototype, but we are confident it will change the way we interact with ambient light and give us more time to do the things we enjoy instead of the things we have to. If you think this technology will make you lazy, then I bet you don’t have a remote control in your home.