Located on the outskirts of Madrid, this home imagined by Spanish designer Luis Puerta welcomes with a carefully chosen palette of colors and textures. Overlapping styles create a bold interior design that this Madrid home prides itself with. A mezzanine with glass railings floating above the living room and a staircase showcasing the same transparency draw in natural light, creating an appealing brightness. The kitchen showcases its contemporary display, with white Bertoia chairs mirroring in the glossy black wall. The dining room table reflects in the mirrored wall, extending its elegance and shaping a visually larger space for family and friends to enjoy. Seeing that the dark wall motif is also found in the bathroom and the living space, we can safely assume that this modern influence composes a perfect reflecting surface making decorations pop out, but is also a binder for the overall design. Embodying the needs of a modern, comfortable lifestyle into a display of elegance and bold decor, the designer constructed a set of spaces that can easily be given as an example of good taste.