Jane McDougall from alsoCAN architects sent us photos and information about a project entitled 2 Townhouses. Designing a townhouse each for a builder and a plumber they work with, alsoCAN architects managed the clients’ brief to lift the townhouses from being speculative to being more individual. The plans started off as mirror image 3 bedroom townhouses in Richmond, designed with families in mind, but then morphed to reflect each client. One townhouse stayed similar to the original brief, the other’s plan was altered internally to suit a couple with an adult child. Richmond is an inner city area that was abandoned by families for the space of the suburbs. But they are returning for proximity to the city, using the surrounding parks for their outdoor space.

There are a series of spaces that can be used by different family members; a casual study alcove punches out into the rear courtyard and a separate studio space is over the garage on the lane. A long, thin plan is inevitable when designing townhouses. The interior becomes the focus and is treated like a facade by introducing solid stone walls and timber bed heads wrapping up the wall to the ceiling. In one: dark, warmer tones, bluestone and spotted gum. In the other: light, neutral tones, limestone and paler timbers. To bring light into the deep plan there is a small light well. The light well is not just to look out at; it is a relaxation space. The light well is a red tiled plunge pool / spa, so the reflectiveness of the water and red tiles glow into the living room. The two sets of photos below depict each of the two home layouts- have a look! [Builder: Patrick McKibbin, PBM Group P/L]

Floor plan for the two townhouses below: