Secluded on a sloping 3 acre lot amidst a larger forest, the Miller/Carr Residence designed by LLB Architects is sited amongst the trees and rocks that the client adventured through as a child. The two intersection bars have juxtaposing form and materiality, a complement to the personalities of the husband and wife clients. The constraint of the budget helped determine the formal simplicity and humble nature of the house. A two story traditional bar with gable ends is clad in Alaskan yellow cedar and contains the private areas of the home. The one story contemporary bar features metal corrugated siding and contains the public areas of the home in an open floor plan. At their intersection are the kitchen and entry where family and friends gather to eat and celebrate in each other’s company. A cedar entry canopy serves as arbor, solar control and extension into landscape approaches. Distinctive exterior spaces result including an outdoor entertainment patio with open connection to the living space inside and a quiet courtyard garden of native ferns. Check out the previous project presented on Freshome by LLB Architects here.  [Photography by John Horner Photography; information provided by LLB Architects]