Displaying an original modern architecture, the Coastlands residence was designed by architects Carver + Schicketan and is located in Big Sur, California., USA. Its design makes the most of the privileged site: “A warm but neutral color palette was chosen to complement the natural building materials and juxtapose the brilliant blues of the ocean and sky and the vivid greens of the garden and hills beyond“. Glass and stone define the complex exterior appearance, making the building interesting to observe from a variety of standing points. Majestically landscaped terrain leads the way towards the main entrance. The contemporary interiors are all flooded in natural light and feature tasteful decorations. According to the architects, “the owner’s world class art collection and a few choice antiques such as the Ico Parisi dining table lend this new space substance and partner well with the carefully sourced new furnishings. Most of the carpets and many furnishings were specifically designed by the architects for this residence“. See any other details worth highlighting?