We usually don’t focus on gaming here at Freshome but we decided to present this new design from Direct Blinds that is helping gamers to decorate their pads just how they’ve always dreamed – with the characters from yesteryear! These stylish, made-to-measure blinds are inspired by the 8-bit days of gaming – so whether you were chasing ghosts, shooting down space invaders or gobbling 1UP mushrooms when it all began, you can live it all over again on your windows every day.

From a distance, the designs seem to be picked out in pixels, but get a little closer and you’ll see they’re made up of dozens of controllers and handheld consoles from all eras of gaming. Available in a wide range of colours, each custom-made blind can be adapted to the style of their surroundings – whether they’re the backdrop to a retro gaming marathon or just a way to add a bit of geek chic to your living room.

Nick Swift from Direct Blinds says: “We’re always finding new ways to jazz up our products, and this latest series pays homage to the fondly-remembered gaming giants of the 1980s. Gaming has moved on at an incredible pace over the last few decades, but we’ll always have a place in our hearts for the iconic characters that were there at the beginning. We hope all gamers, young and old, do too.