Located in a charming apartment building in Gothenburg’s Kungsladugård area, this 51 square meter two floor apartment apartment spreads over two levels. Wooden floors are highlighted by natural sunshine bouncing off white walls. Two windows facing different directions ensure a cheery atmosphere on sunny days. The lower level is reserved for social spaces like the open floor living room integrating the kitchen. A stylish dark blue hallway mirroring the dark sculptural staircase in the living room greets guests in a light-filled, functional space duo.

On the same floor, a bathroom displays a wide strip of red til, marking a challenge to personalize the space by adding colorful accents. The upstairs floor plan is composed of a bedroom on one side of the staircase and a working space on the other side. I imagine living here someone who loves natural light and loves this discreet lack of brightness in the attic-turned-bedroom space. Taking advantage of the building’s a lush garden and nearby cafes or alluring little shops, the lucky dweller will feel the urban influence while enjoying pleasant surroundings. Seen at Stadshem, the apartment shares the same 1937 building with other 22 condominiums. I can’t help but wonder how neighboring apartments look like.