We usually do not post fashion items on Freshome, but Mihai (the founder of Freshome ) really liked this intriguing geometry-inspired coat and wanted to present it as a way for architects to stand out in the design world. With cubes being highly fashionable these days, this unusual suit will probably appeal to all of you out there interested in the latest style trends. The coat was envisioned by Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese designer currently living in London and awarded in various international menswear competitions. Feeding his passion for tailoring, Ichiro comes up with extravagant ideas for clothes, each of the items having a strong visual impact. This particular coat is included in his latest collection, which he describes as follows:  “I have taken elements of structural engineering and geometric design and molded them around living forms using traditional hand-crafted techniques of bespoke tailoring; a marriage of seeming incompatibles that I term bio-geometric tailoring“. We would like to know your honest opinion regarding the design of this cube-inspired coat. Do you think it would make an impression in the creative industry? Would you personally wear it?