The creative team at ANDRADE | SCROBACK completed the design for Casa do Chapéu de Sol, a private five bedroom residence located in Ubatuba, Brasil. Integrated in a lush green landscape, the residence communicates well with its environment, with the help of electronically controlled windows, which can retract, turning each room into a large balcony. Another interesting feature of this home is a generous gallery, a buffer-space for various events, leading to all of the private and social areas of the residence. All the interiors are distributed perpendicular to the beach and gallery. An open plan living and dining space with plenty of seating units and an overall inviting feel makes for a great social area. The TV room was envisioned as a glass box that can be totally darkened for daytime use. At night it becomes a space integrated within the garden. This privileged position makes it a very intimate environment. Have a look at the photos and tell us what elements particularly draw your attention.