Enriched with charming rustic details, this unusual country residence entitled Dutchess House No.1 was designed by Grzywinski+Pons  and is located in Millerton, New York. Its first noticeable original feature is the mate aluminum cladding, contrasting the wooden panels and yellow doors, visually making the building stand out. Answering the client’s request for a place that opens up to its  beautiful surroundings, yet remains safe during any extended periods when it unoccupied, the designers managed to build a holiday dream home, adorned with inspiring rustic decorating elements throughout. As far as sustainable features go, here is some information provided by the architects: “The house was built with ICFs, strategically glazed with low-e assemblies and clad in high albedo mill finish aluminum. We designed deep eaves into the largest expanses of glass based on our solar studies. An on demand hot water system precludes any wasted energy on water heaters when the home is unoccupied and also heats the home through a hydronic radiant slab“.