In a city as crowded as New York, green spaces and natural elements are often neglected. This is not the case with the impressive modern Broadway penthouse designed by Joel Sanders Architect. The project is defined by a dynamic first floor, conveniently linked to a roof terrace that offers panoramic views of Manhattan. According to the designers, “”the Eco-friendly palette of synthetic (carpet, Richlite, recycled glass) and natural (recycled walnut, IPÊ decking, plants) materials crosses the border of the roof, eliding and at the same time confounding traditional distinctions between inside and outside, natural and artificial. As it travels from loft interior to roof, this layered ground plane responds to a variety of domestic programs; in the living lounge, embedded upholstery evokes a textile garden, while on the roof terrace, a bed of sedum defines a walkable outdoor carpet. Likewise, the recycled walnut floor folds vertically to create a staircase that leads to a matching IPÊ roof deck”. We have to say this apartment meets our idea of a Fresh! home- how do you find it?