Described by its creator as “an experimental approach, designed by emotional driven interaction“, the AntiCrise Chair is your ally during good and challenging times. The global crisis has inspired designer Pedro Gomes to create an interactive piece of furniture helping promote the idea of saving money for hard times. By re-shaping how we save money, as well as how we interact with furniture around us, this chair encourages a healthy lifestyle based on saving rather than spending. Basing the interaction on a hard to ignore feeling of crisis and emergency when your personal budget collapses, the chair challenges you to use an integrated part of its design to re-shape the item’s method of use.

By breaking the backrest glass and taking out the handsaw, you are a step closer to reaching the emergency “chair bank” filled with money saved for occasions just like this one. Sawing the front seat to reach the hard saved money, you expose another design element and can use the hollow part to store magazines. Just make sure the cut is perfect to avoid unnecessary scratches after exposing your unfortunate need for emergency money. The designer used a creative approach to building piece of furniture for this exact day and age, with its social values interacting with a global economic state. This is why “Anti Crise is an experimental object, a furniture piece played as a manifest.” As promised, a prototype will be available soon.