Looking for an alternative way to constantly feel the atmosphere of your favorite city? Photographer Kirill Rudenko came up with a strange solution: canned air from famous cities such as New York, Paris, Prague, Berlin or Riga.  According to the description found on Etsy, the product is 100% organic. Fresh air from your favorite city is said to relieves stress, cure homesickness?and and help fight nostalgia:  “Feeling down? Got the blues? Buy a whole box of Air and open the cans whenever you feel sad, remember the atmosphere, marvelous time you spent in your most loved city and feel better. Never been there? Order your can online and begin your journey while still at home. The canned air is also a great gift for your friends and family. Forget the magnets, cups and plates. Bring home something everybody will love and ask questions about, and if anybody is suspicious, just open the can and let them feel the spirit of a thousand years old city“. The unusual cans come with original funny labels- for example, the Paris can is marked: “ATTENTION! May contain traces of liberté, égalité and fraternité”. How would you comment on these intriguing souvenirs?