A single story house rises in the middle of a picturesque area of Korea’s fifth largest city – Gwangju. Named House of San-Jo, this home gathers mountain views and green surroundings and visually funnels them inside, through a series of voids and glazed openings. Inspired by an old 19th century style of music that lends its name, House of San-Jo welcomes inhabitants and guests with a stone staircase at the entrance. This stone collection was designed to fit in as a single functional element after having been discovered during construction. Stones gathered in different arrangements compose a welcoming spectacle leading up to the wooden deck and main entrance. Created by studio_GAON, the small 50 square meter house has three main spaces – a kitchen connecting the living room to the bedroom and a small bathroom in between. A terraced roof adds drama to the otherwise simply elegant architecture. Its modest size and elegant display of spaces proves there is no need for oversized spaces to reap the benefits of a modern lifestyle.