Some people run from urban developments towards rural establishments in search of a quieter lifestyle, while others thrive surrounded by social urban spaces. Brazilian designer Renata Rubim created a link between these needs, captured in the interesting collection of City Tiles she designed for Solarium flooring and coating. These new tiles are made of a special type of refractory concrete for floors, with durability as its main feature. Imagined as a city seen from aerial view, these fun tiles can be configured in different ways, shaping streets, circuits and blocks. If you’re interested in giving your home a different feel, inspired by the rushing city life, Renata Rubim’s floor and wall tiles create a custom view of a city map, forming the zones of a metropolis under your feet or exposing its subtle carvings from behind furniture items spread across the room. A nice touch would be defining a special zone with these tiles to add a dynamic feel to any modern space.