Alex Shilin and Jennifer Eshelman of LEBORED sent us photos of a collection of handcrafted and artfully rendered vessels.We asked them for a personal description of their work and this was their reply: “We make limited-edition, one-of-a-kind home decor because we feel that life deserves to be filled with unique accents. Inspired by the beauty, whimsy, oddity and ingenuity of the world around us, we create works of art that infuse our passions into the objects that we are surrounded by every day. For our debut collection, we created a series of hand-made, wooden vessels. Tall, slim and lean, these vessels — combining the soft, natural patterns of wood, and the elegant, modern shapes with their hard angles and thin legs — would fit perfectly in both contemporary and vintage settings .

After construction, each vessel is used as a canvas for original artwork, designed and applied directly onto each one by hand, making these vessels not only practical, useful objects for the home, but works of art in their own right. We love unique items with the character and originality that turn a space from “a room” to “my room,” and we hope to bring that touch of personality with our creations”. We find the vessel inspired by “Audrey’s timeless elegance“, with a height of 18 inches (0,45 meters), particularly interesting- have a look!